About TAV Academy

About TAV Academy

TAV Academy began its operations in 2006 based on the principle of creating a corporate learning environment and maintaining the sustainability of development within the TAV Group. As the leading corporation in airport operations in Turkey, TAV Group adopted the institutionalization and sharing of its experience and the know-how capital it has acquired as one of its main strategies. TAV Academy, the corporate development center of TAV Group, is an organizational development platform where corporate learning is managed and development strategies are set in accordance with the focus business areas.


Since October 2012, TAV Academy has been continuing its activities under the name of TAV Academy Training and Consultancy Services Inc. and focuses on the following objectives in parallel with the growth of TAV Group;

-  Provide consultancy and training services and develop training material for the management of airport operations industry,

-  Train and develop existing and potential managers in line with the requirements of the rapidly growing civil aviation and management of airport operations sectors,

-  Become a development center which offers consultation by continuously developing and updating its know-how capital for the Turkish and global airport operations management and civil aviation sectors, employing it in the development of   high quality development solutions,

-  Improve the know-how transfer between companies by creating a global trainer pool across the TAV Group while maintaining sustainable know-how capital. 

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